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DIY: Lumpy Space Princess T-shirt ( How to make this with SloppyUnicorn )

   It's time for Adventure Time again! I'm coming back with another DIY tutorial for you guys! This time we'll be making our own LSP t-shirt. So without futher ado, Let's get started!
Things you may need:
  • ACRYLIC or fabric paints,
  • piece of clothing,
  • brushes,
  • water,
  • foil or plastic bag,
Step I
Draw your image with chalk or soap.

Step II
Secure some flat surface with foil or plastic bag and place it inbeetwen two sides of shirt. This is important so your paint don't transfer onto back of the shirt! (stains are 
unwashable when dry).

Step III
Watch my brand new youtube video and see whole process! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjue4j5a1DE 
I've just started a youtube channel and it would be lovely if you'd subscribe! You can just do the face of lsp or add a text like I did :)

Step IV

And you're done! Enjoy your new t-shirt and wear your lumps with pride ;-) Hope, you had great time making your t-shirt! Let it dry for 48+h and wash it by hand.

 Well that's it! Follow me on instagram or twitter @sloppyunicorn to keep updated. I wish you all good day (or night) and may the magic be with you! Also check out my other AT DIY's:



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  1. I love your look!! is very creative and really nice..!! the t-shirt is so cool with the jacket! happy weekend. Every t-shirt is unique and has superb design. Thanks for sharing..