niedziela, 15 grudnia 2013

DIY: Blackboard ( How to make this with SloppyUnicorn )

Hi, magical creatures! So I was kind of bored with my room, I haven't changed anything in a while, and wanted to do something new to it. At first I've wanted to paint one of my white walls (I've got 2 black and 2 white) with blackboard paint, but I thought it would be just too much black. And then one day I was buying some groceries in Lidl (I don't know which countries have it,  it's basically a regular supermarket but I'm sure you can find it all over the internet ) and I saw this:

 Well, it was just perfect! I've already have this huge poster/sticker of GNR on my wall and was kind off bored of it too, so I've decided to stick this to the bottom portion of the poster. So here's what comes in the package:



This was very simple (and cheap) but make sure you have someone to help you I think it would be quite difficult to do on your own. You just need to follow the instructions from the back.

And voila! You're done :) 
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wtorek, 19 listopada 2013

OOTD #1 Surreal Flying Eyeballs

  Hi, magical creatures! I've got quick OOTD for you here. I'm totally obssesed with eye print on things so when I saw this leggins on Romwe I just knew I NEED to have them. I decided to pair them with something neutral and gold jewellery. This is something I'd wear to school or meeting with friends. I love edgy clothing with bit of humor to them. I don't like to take myself too serious. Life is too short for boring clothes don't ya think?   
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  • Shirt- thrifted
  • Leggins-
  • Shoes- Nicholas Deakins
  • Bracelets- H&M
  • Chain necklace- New Yorker
  • Pug socks- H&M
  • Lips- Rimmel 700

piątek, 8 listopada 2013

DIY: Lumpy Space Princess T-shirt ( How to make this with SloppyUnicorn )

   It's time for Adventure Time again! I'm coming back with another DIY tutorial for you guys! This time we'll be making our own LSP t-shirt. So without futher ado, Let's get started!
Things you may need:
  • ACRYLIC or fabric paints,
  • piece of clothing,
  • brushes,
  • water,
  • foil or plastic bag,
Step I
Draw your image with chalk or soap.

Step II
Secure some flat surface with foil or plastic bag and place it inbeetwen two sides of shirt. This is important so your paint don't transfer onto back of the shirt! (stains are 
unwashable when dry).

Step III
Watch my brand new youtube video and see whole process! 
I've just started a youtube channel and it would be lovely if you'd subscribe! You can just do the face of lsp or add a text like I did :)

Step IV

And you're done! Enjoy your new t-shirt and wear your lumps with pride ;-) Hope, you had great time making your t-shirt! Let it dry for 48+h and wash it by hand.

 Well that's it! Follow me on instagram or twitter @sloppyunicorn to keep updated. I wish you all good day (or night) and may the magic be with you! Also check out my other AT DIY's:



poniedziałek, 16 września 2013

Today I'm turning 18 / Bday haul (what I've got for my birthday)

  Today is the day. I'm going to be officially "grown up" for now on. And you know what I say to that?BULLSHIT! I don't wanna to grow up! I don't feel any different now than I felt yesterday. 
  But anyways I thought I'd share some of things I've got (aand a quick disclaimer here, I'm not doing it to show off or something I'm just doing it because I really love things I've got and I want to share my happiness with you so please don't hate :) ). First off all I would like to thank my awesome friends and family for just being there for me. I'm so grateful for everything you guys done for me and for all of this awesome gifts! I know some of you may read this so I'd like to so say that I really, like REALLY  LOVE you! You are the absolute best friends I could ever ask for and I'm so lucky to have you. Seriously. 
   Sooo yeah. Let's get started :) From my parents I got an iPhone 4s in colour white and camera case. And I loooove it so much! I never had a smartphone before (I know weird huh?) and I totally fall in love with it! (btw follow me on instagram or twitter @sloppyunicorn if you want to :D ).
   My grandparents gave me.. a dog! I've wanted a dog for sooooo long and my dad finally agreed to me getting one! His name is Lilo and he's now 4 months old. He's white pomeranian and absolutly adorable :)

  And then my friends sweet lord, my friends... They are amazing! I've got so much stunning goodies that it would took forever to list them all and write who got me what. I'm so thankful guys you are unreal! Thank you again for making me smile! I recieved so many Spider-man related things like stickers, water bottle, lunch box, wallet and  even my cake (my mum is awesome). I also got tangle teezer, Game of Thrones tshirt , beanie (soon in a lookbook) awesome hand made cards and albums, iPhone case, some 1D sticker book and on that note huge ass Zayn poster :D ( it's our inside joke as we are huge directioners, don't even ask we're just a bunch of weirdos) I'm pretty sure that I forgot about something but I've got such a bad memory! Like seriously guys I'm like a goldfish.. But anyways sorry if I didn't mention something, love ya lots and thank you again I had an amazing time and almost forgot of how old I'm now. You are all fabulous and I love your faces. I wish you all good day (or night) and may the magic be with you! 

*Tell 'em that it's my birthday when I party like that* Nope.? OKAAAYY

niedziela, 2 czerwca 2013

DIY: FINN THE HUMAN sweatshirt/hoodie ( How to make this with SloppyUnicorn )

     Here is my another take on Adventure Time related DIY. And this is time for... FINN THE HUMAN sweatshirt!
Well, he is not alone because couple of his friends decided to join him. So here we have: JAKE, BMO, THE SNAIL and PEPPERMINT BUTLER on it as well :) All the steps are pretty similar as in my JAKE THE DOG DIY so If you want to read it It click that link:

Let's get started!

Tools you may need:

  • ACRYLIC paints,
  • piece of clothing,
  • brushes,
  • water,
  • foil,

Step 1- Finn's face

   First, prepare you clothing peace (in my case sweatshirt) by laying it on flat, even surface.
In between front and back part of it put some foil (so paint won't transfer onto the back).
Now you're ready to draw! For Finn's face draw circle (but not perfectly round ;-) ), two
circles for eyes and then some mouth and teeth (use something you can erase e.g soap, coal or even regular pencil). Then just simply add colors (remember you don't have to buy million different paints, mix, mix, mix).
Finally add some outlines and you're done with this part! Let it dry perfectly until you go to next step.

NOTE: Last picture is the final product. I wasn't quite happy with second to last, so I smoothen it out a little. It's also on me so my boobs made it uneven when in reality it's just fine :D 

Step 2- Finn, Jake and words of wisdom

   Do everything as in step one but this time draw some body shapes. You may also need to use very thin brush for outlines and letters, take your time, try to make them as nice as possible. (Sorry for the changing lighting but I was making different parts in day light and other at night). Btw isn't this quote just perfect? I love it so much, so true!

Step 3- Little fellows

  Now draw some badass, waving guys and just follow steps 1 & 2.

                             And...                                                                                    are DONE! 

   Hope, you had great time making your hoodie! 
Let it dry for about 48+ hours before first wash, you may also want to wash it by hand because washing machine can remove your paintings. I wish you all good day (or night) and may the magic be with you! And here some final photos of hoodie:

środa, 24 kwietnia 2013

Rainbow hair / Cupcakes

  Hi, everyone. I'm really sorry for that little gap on my blog. I was going through some hard times so I wasn't feel like blogging at all.. But  I'm starting to feel a little more like myself again, hopefully I'm back to regular posting now :)
  In the nearest future you can expect some more DIY's (I've got too project to end), I'm planning to do couple of OOTD's and few more things, so please cilck the follow button to stay updated! It would mean the world to me <3 In the meantime I want to show you my new rainbow hair and cupcakes that I've made to cheer myself (and my family) up. Stay strong and positive guys! Love ya, have a lovely day (or night) and may the magic be with you!

Photobombed by Gunter, Lady Unicorn, Sloth and LSP...