czwartek, 21 lutego 2013

Arty-farty Thursday!

     From now on I'm going to post every Thursday! If I feel like it or I have something especially intresting happening I do it more often (my life is pretty boring though). I've decided to share with you little things that happened in my life (even when no one reads it :D ), maybe even encurage myself a bit to be more creative. Because you all now how it is with inspiration, everyone need a kick ;-) Today I want to show you some arty-farty stuff that I've recently made. Starting with some more of DIY hoodies:

  First one has triangle with clouds on it, second says: NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME (it's from American Horror Story) and on the last one I've painted some moon.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments I'll be happy to help!

I also thought that I'll share my recent drawings with you, they all seems to be sea themed but I guess this is what my brain fancy at the moment :)

    All three of them are made with black pen, first one at school and second and last ones at home.
I really enjoy drawing with pen recently (with no sketch). If you like my stuff and want to see some more maybe check out my deviantart:
I would love to hear your opinion on them!

    Well I guess that's all for today's arty-farty post :)
 I wish you all good day (or night) and may the magic be with you!

 If you made your own hoodie or if you just want to chat and have no one else to talk to feel free to twett me ( wow that's a lot of ''to's :) ):

5 komentarzy:

  1. Those hoodies are so darn cool, you drew that moon?! How?!

    1. Thanks!!!
      Yup I painted it, simple you know, I drew a circle and then add some shading etc... :)
      (sorry for late reply but my computer broke :C)

  2. Can you explain how you made that american horror story hoodie :(? pls , I love it so so much! thank you anyway ♥

    1. Hi! It's made with acrylic paints like my Finn or Jake hoodie :)
      I just found AHS font wrote the sentence in it on paper and then I wrote it on hoodie. No huge amount of steps I just simple eyeballed it. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Thanks for feedback :)

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