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DIY: Captain America t-shirt. ( How to make this with SloppyUnicorn )

Hi, guys! Long time no see, huh? Well, I'm sorry but I'm having my finals at school (matura exams) right now, please bear with me I promise to post more when all of this madness is over ;) Today I'll show you how to make this awesome Captain America t-shirt! Have you seen Winter Soldier already? What do you think about it? LEt me know in the comments, I personally really enjoyed it :) But back to the tutorial.

Things you'll need:

* Acrylic or Fabric paint: white,
* brush or sponge,
* something to put inside of shirt like plastic bag or something waterproof,
* t-shirt or hoodie or whatever you want ;-)
* cardboard to cut your template in,
* pencil, sharpie and scissors,
* different sizes round objects ( I used plates ),

Step I.

Draw your pattern on cardboard with pencil first, use your plates to help you with drawing circles, then use the shapie to outline your finished drawing and cut it out in right places.

Step II.

Now, place something in beetwen front and back of the shirt, smooth everything as much as you can, and tape your stencil to the shirt. For the front of the shirt I taped only "the face" part, and for the whole thing for the back. Make sure you secure it well, so it won't move. 

Step III.

And the last and easiest thing, just gently aply paint to the shirt, wait till it's dry and your done! When it's fully dry remove template. It may have little piece of paper stuck to the paint (like in the second picture) but you can easily take them off with some water :)

Yeah, that's it! Hope it was helpful and you've enjoyed making your own Captain America t-shirt :)

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