czwartek, 13 lutego 2014

DIY: My Neighbor Totoro t-shirt. ( How to make this with SloppyUnicorn )

Hi guys! 
TOTORO TUTORIAL yuuuhuuuuuuuu!!!
And this time in video form! Since I have my winter break ( sadly ending very soon :(((((( ) I had bit more time on my hands and finaly made another video. And as you see from a title is TOTORO DIY.
So I hope you'll enjoy this little tutorial, here are  things you'll need:

  • brushes, one thin and one bigger,
  • dark gray t-shirt or sweatshirt or whatever you like,
  • chalk,
  • acrylic or fabric paints, black and white,
  • something to mix your paint on,
  • water,

( sorry for shitty quality of the gifs- Tumblr hates good quality :< But youtube video is in HD! :)) )

Yeah, here you go! I realy hope you like it guys, please show it some love! <3 

If you want you can follow me on instagram or twitter @sloppyunicorn to keep updated. I wish you all good day (or night) and may the magic be with you! 
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3 komentarze:

  1. Thank you SO much for this video tutorial! Your shirt looks amazing!

  2. Where is your onesie from ? I LOVE it !!