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DIY: Acid Burn sweatshirt ( How to make this with SloppyUnicorn )

    Hi, magical creatures! Here I come again with another DIY tutorial. This time we'll be making acid burn sweatshirt. It is very, very simple, seriously  guys- EASY MODE anyone can do this. 

     Things you'll need:

  • sticky tape,
  • black (or any dark colour) sweatshirt,
  • bleach (get cheapest you can find it doesn't really matter),
  • spray bottle (you can buy one or recycle it, mine is after used sea salt spray)
    Step I (optional)

Cut of welts of the sleeves and bottom of your sweatshirt (it makes it looser and less bulky). You don't have to do this i just like my sweatshirts that way. My doggie needed to be in this picture ;-)

    Step II (also optional)

Tape your tape (ugh.) firmly to the sweatshirt, making any word you'd like ( I've choosen LAME because.. well I am) or even cut interesting stencils but make sure they're very well sticked to the material. 

(please don't mind those white fluffs I was too lazy to clean them..)

   Step III

Put your bleach into the spray bottle (trust me this will make this so much easier for you).

    Step IV

Have fun! Spray a little at the time so bleach won't sink under the tape (of course I was too impatient and it end up sinking, but I kind of like this effect it looks like the letters also got "burnt"). Wait for bleach to do it's magic! Don't leave it for too long though or bleach will burn out holes in your clothes! And you're done! Easy isn't it? 

 Well that's it! If you want you can follow me on instagram or twitter @sloppyunicorn to keep updated. I wish you all good day (or night) and may the magic be with you! 
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