środa, 24 kwietnia 2013

Rainbow hair / Cupcakes

  Hi, everyone. I'm really sorry for that little gap on my blog. I was going through some hard times so I wasn't feel like blogging at all.. But  I'm starting to feel a little more like myself again, hopefully I'm back to regular posting now :)
  In the nearest future you can expect some more DIY's (I've got too project to end), I'm planning to do couple of OOTD's and few more things, so please cilck the follow button to stay updated! It would mean the world to me <3 In the meantime I want to show you my new rainbow hair and cupcakes that I've made to cheer myself (and my family) up. Stay strong and positive guys! Love ya, have a lovely day (or night) and may the magic be with you!

Photobombed by Gunter, Lady Unicorn, Sloth and LSP...

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